terrier500After 10 years of being the assistant coach of the nameless PS 205 basketball team under head coach Mr. Konikoff, Mr. Blum took on the task of creating a name for our basketball team.  In attempt to connect PS 205 with some sort of mascot, animal, even an inanimate object, the same answer kept coming up: “Alexander Graham Bell School?  How about a telephone…  The PS 205 Ringers!”  Mr. Blum decided to take his research to the Internet.  After googling ‘Alexander Graham Bell + pet’… EUREKA!  His task was done!  It was as easy as that…  He found out that Alexander Graham Bell had a pet ‘terrier’ … a Skye Terrier to be more precise!  Then he created a few different designs of terriers and showed them to the students class by class.  It was unanimous!  All of the students in every class chose the terrier mascot that we now have as our own.  The current terrier was inspired by the Boston University mascot, also a terrier.  Now, what’s next?  Maybe coming up with a name for the terrier…

mascot450The First Mascot

A Boy, a Plan, a Dream… Our Mascot
In 2008, a student in the 4th grade named TJ thought it would be a great idea to bring the logo to life… his vision – a team mascot! This mascot would run around giving high 5’s to all and get the crowd interested! The best part about this idea was that he would be the mascot! And, the rest as they say, “is history…”

The Logo

First Designs

It’s a good thing that none of these designs made the final cut.

What was I thinking?!?

What was I thinking?!?

Twice as bad...

Twice as bad…

Patterned after St. Francis College's Terrier.

Patterned after St. Francis College’s Terrier.